Principles of Kinesiology 1

Location: Tully Mill Florencecourt ,Co Fermanagh
15.09.2018 Sat to  
16.09.2018 Sun
Instructor: Joan Morton
Hours: 14

This course is an exciting introduction course designed specifically for Neuroenergetic Kinesiology. Here you will learn all about the theories of the human energetic anatomy and how they can be accessed. You will also learn how muscle testing works and how the meridians and chakras are connected to the muscles. Other important principles of Kinesiology will be studied, such as the use of finger modes (mudras), how to correct muscles and how to build a Kinesiology balance. You will learn 20 muscle tests for 14 main meridians and how to use them to perform a Kinesiology balance. There are many different types of meridians in the traditional system from China. You will learn the theory of the 8 extraordinary meridians, 12 muscle meridians, 12 divergent meridians and the 16 connecting meridians. At the end of the course you will be able to perform an indepth meridian balance combining all of the different meridian types. This is a comprehensive way to balance muscles and meridians. Practice session between each weekend.


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