Structure 2

Location: Tully Mill, Florencecourt ,Co Fermanagh
29.03.2015 Sun to  
31.03.2015 Tue
Instructor: Hugo Tobar via web
Hours: 36

The ‘Body Structure Hologram’ is a unique course that tackles the difficult topic of balancing the body’s structure in a gentle energetic way. The techniques that are taught in this course are easy to use but balance the body’s structure in a profound way.The course tackles the structure in asystematic way.

There are balances for each region of the body including :Cranial balancing• TMJ• Neck joints• Shoulder joints• Elbow joints• Wrist and hand joint balancing• Hip, knee, ankle and foot jointbalancing• Joints of the torso balancing• Hyoid/Centering balancing• Middle ear balancing• Eye muscle balancing• Fascia train balancing• Smooth muscle balancing• Motor function balancing• Speech balancing• Muscle meridian balancing• Chakra/Muscle balancing• Dermatome - Skin balancing 

There are also complete formattingsystems for every muscle, bone, ligament,dermatome, fascial train andcartilage in the human body. This workhas been used with stunning results byKinesiologists all over the world. Thereare 3 extensive manuals including aMuscle format database that has everyformat associated with every muscle


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