Chakra Hologram 4

Location: Florencecourt Co Fermanagh
09.07.2016 Sat to  
12.07.2016 Tue
Instructor: Hugo Tobar
Hours: 32

Chakra hologram 4

After more than 15 years Hugo Tobar presents his latest Chakra hologram. He has long worked to incorporate a lot of experience and now the time has come. 

This is now a new feature that was previously only touched on: The physiology of the chakras.Peppered with many Can-Opener holograms of this important area is therefore covered comprehensively. A Hugo newly developed Meridian hologram now allows you also to balance their deep inner curves 

addition topic in this course are many dramatic and defining life experiences -As as birth and death, previous experience and awakening experiences. They learn such experiences with the newly learned methods to balance. 
The course "Chakra Hologram 4" is recognized by ASCA, EMR.

Duration: 4 days 
 520 Eur Prerequisite: Brain Formatting and Chakra hologram 1


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