Chakra Hologram 2

Location: Florencecourt Co Fermanagh
06.12.2017 Wed to  
09.12.2017 Sat
Instructor: Hugo Tobar
Hours: 32

This workshop presents 24 minor chakras of the body, beyond the 7 Major Chakras. This includes the Nirvana Chakra, the Manas Chakra, the Soma Chakra; energy centres which are related to suppression and receiving sensorial information from the world, as well as chakras for the sensory organs, body organs and limbs.

This training gives the most comprehensive information that can be found on these chakras. The course is made complete by the introduction of the Nadi Hologram for etheric repair. The course was developed by Hugo Tobar and Kerry McFarlane after de - veloping a holographic system for the major chakras, and has been added to over the last 14 years to include more minor chakras, starting with re - search into the placenta chakra which has been proven to be very important for birth and maternal issues.

The course has been successfully taught both in Australia and in Europe with great results being achieved in clinic from students after completing the course and integrating it into their work.

Each of these 24 energy centres are covered including the anatomy and physiology related to the area along with their associated belief patterns.

A major focus in the course is anatomy and physiology of the visual and auditory pathways, joint structure and function, and the amazing workings of the placenta as well as clinical applications of these chakra corrections.


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