Nutrition Hologram A

Location: Florencecourt
10.02.2018 Sat to  
13.02.2018 Tue
Instructor: Joan Morton
Hours: 28

This seminar provides the participants with complete and detailed information on all organic and inorganic compounds found in the diet in the body – including their shape, structure and the underlying subatomic particles. The DNA contained in the genetic material is also discussed from an anatomical and functional point of view. The aim of this course is that the participants will develop a sound understanding in relation to the constituents of the human body from a molecular perspective, the different tasks and the health effects of interference on the proper functioning.

This seminar participants: Complete formats for all amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates / sugars, vitamins, minerals, amino sugars, bioflavonoids and other organic compounds and comprehensive balance techniques for micro and macro nutrients. Special techniques for formatting and the balance of the genetic material into the DNA, such as chromosomes, genes and molecular compounds. Innovative approaches to working with subatomic components of molecules such as neutrons, protons and electrons.


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