Chakra Hologram 1

Location: Florencecourt Co Fermanagh
10.03.2018 Sat to  
13.03.2018 Tue
Instructor: Joan Morton
Hours: 32

The Chakra hologram came about through the combined efforts of Hugo Tobar and Kerrie McFarlane. Hugo developed his correction technique based upon Richard Utt’s 7 Chi Keys procedure and Kerrie had been researching the Chakra system for well over a year, looking at literature from both the Theosophical and Hindu traditions as well as many others. When Hugo and Kerrie decided to merge their work, the Chakra Hologram was created.  

The Chakra Hologram looks at what each chakra represents when it is displaying an imbalance by accessing the plane in which the aberration occurs, and correlating this plane with its actual meaning. Naturally the meaning will be different depending upon whether it is an imbalance in the physical/etheric, emotional/astral, the mental, buddhic, atmic, monadic or divine plane, and of course as to which chakras are involved. Once the imbalance is isolated, it can then be rebalanced by bringing the cause of the problem to conscious awareness and then completed using a variety of kinesiological techniques, i.e – tuning forks, palming, acupressure etc.
This technique has proven invaluable in allowing clients to discover the reason behind their condition, identify recurring patterns and then be able to move beyond. This workshop takes participants through a journey of their own Chakra system, which will reflect where they are in their own personal and spiritual development. Success has been reported by many practitioners who now use the Chakra Hologram as an integral part of their practice. This technique works with physical ailments, both acute and chronic, as well as with emotional and mental conditions. 

“The centres determine the man’s point of evolution as far as his phenomenal expression in concerned; they work directly upon the physical body through the medium of the endocrine system. This point should be borne in mind, for the future occult healer will approach his patient with this knowledge. He will then work through those centres and glands which govern the particular area of the body wherein the disease or discomfort is located" Alice Bailey - Esoteric Healing

The endocrine system has been referred to as the physical interface of the Chakra System in much the same manner that the meridian/acupuncture system is said to be the physical/etheric interface of Chi. Indeed without the detailed anatomy and physiology of the endocrine system, any chakra work is only able to have a superficial effect upon the physical body. Hence, in the Chakra Hologram workshop, the endocrine/chakra relationship is covered in great detail, including the individual hormones relating to each chakra and the physical effects that they have on the body. As hormones are carried through the blood stream to their target organs, this effect is widespread and has many physical implications. An overview of the circulatory system and the nervous system is also included to ensure that the practitioner has a good understanding of the human body that the chakra system vivifies.

How to work with the chakras with colour is also an integral part of this course, it is important to understand not only the colours themselves, but also the different effects produced by the varying shades!

4 days £440 


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