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I Ching

27/03/20 - 29/03/20

The I Ching Hologram

This is an application of the eight extra meridian hologram. It looks at the relationship between the eight I ching trigrams and the eight extra meridians. The trigrams are paired together like a coordinate system to form the 64 hexagrams of the I ching. This means that the I ching is a hologram, the I ching is the world’s first book, therefore the world’s first book is a hologram! The 64 I ching hexagrams relate to the 64 codons of the Genetic code, each codon codes for a specific amino acid, in the Genetic structure (DNA) allowing the formation of Proteins. The amino acids have been related to the kabbala, and therefore the major arcana of the tarot.

Wayne Topping has developed muscle tests involved with the eight extra meridians, I have developed holographic muscle tests for these muscle tests. Learn how to test these muscle tests holographically, and holographic neurovasculars, neurolymphatics and Spiritual flower messages from the Mother of Pondicherry. Holographic muscle monitoring of the muscle tests of the eight extra meridians as developed by Wayne Topping. There are 13 muscle tests treated. The eight extra meridians have a much more spiritual essence, therefore are related to much more spiritual issues.

This workshop is very useful for using with other eight extra meridian holograms such as the Genetic Hologram, The Hormone hologram and the Heavenly Hologram.

3 days | Principals 1/4 . Brain Formatting

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