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17/10/20 - 18/10/20

NEPS 1 - Neuro Emotional Pathways 1 (NEPS1 )

Feelings determine not only our emotional life, but also our actions and our quality of life. Dominate negative emotions our life, we often feel unfree and unable to realize our full potential. You can weigh us down and make us ill.

Neuro Emotional pathways 1 is a course, which targets here, by showing how the emotional stress resolution occurs exactly where the emotion has its physical origin.

The neuro emotional pathways and the involved brain nuclei of our primary emotions are precisely worked out. Paths of fear, anger, caring, search (motivation) and panic will be closely monitored, formatted and de-stresses from core to core. Not only the seeds on their neuronal composition of their DNA, power supply, etc. are investigated, but there are also checks involved neurotransmitters and, if necessary, de-stresses. So enables working with NEPS profound changes in emotional experience.

Participants receive both sophisticated balance procedure to the primary emotions as well as very valuable Entressungstechniken.

Duration: 4 days / 28 hours 
Cost: 520 Eur

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